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Want Cash For Your Car? (10 Tips You Must Know)

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Are you planning on selling your car? Want some extra cash for your car? Are you wondering about the Dos and Don’ts of the whole process? Then we’ve got you covered. In this article, you will find 10 important tips to help you sell a car for cash along with all the necessary details.

This article not only covers the normal sale of your car but also car wreckers who pay cash for old cars. Either way, these tips will help you.

Tip 1: Clean your car properly if you want good cash for your car

To put it simply, polish every nook and corner of your car before selling it, especially if you’re selling to a private buyer. Nobody likes to buy dirty things, after all. Even though we clean our cars often, there are always some hard-to-reach places that we leave out because of laziness. These places can lower the chances of getting top cash for your car.

Those are especially the places you have to clean right now. Check all the drawers and pockets and see if you have any personal belongings or other junk in there. Wash the whole car, clean the tears, and make it look as new as possible. The buyer should almost forget that it is a used car.

If you are selling car wreckers for cash then you can hand them the car in any condition you like. We, car wreckers, are not fussed about the cleanliness of the car as we will be dismantling them.

Tip 2: Find out the service history of your car

It’s always wise to keep these records safely for the future because there will come a point in your life when you have to sell your car, as there is no better option. So dig through your age-old receipts for all the service and maintenance work you got done for your car to sell a car for cash.

This is because buyers feel reassured that the car has been serviced properly by the current owner, which makes them feel less worried about buying a used car. A car that hasn’t been serviced for a long while means that it will have lots of functional problems and will require servicing right after the buyer purchases it.

So the buyer will be reluctant to buy it if you can’t show them the proof that it’s been serviced.

However, we the car wreckers will buy and pay cash for cars in any condition. You have not serviced it for years? No worries, we will pay you cash for it.

Tip 3: Find out the value of your car

Now is the time to ask the most important question — How much is your car worth? Be realistic when it comes to figuring that out; who you’re planning to sell a car for cash also matters. If it’s a private buyer, take the condition and model of your car into consideration. If it’s a car wrecker, the only thing that matters is the weight of the metallic parts.

Check out similar cars online and figure out the average price of your used car. You can use websites like Trademe to get an estimated price. Now you have to decide what price you will ask for from your buyer. The price you ask for is usually the maximum possible price. Keep it flexible for negotiation. Settle the minimum value you will agree on.

Tip 4: If you’re selling online, take the best pictures

To improve your chances of getting the best sales, take good pictures of your car. Capture the best angles and the important parts. But don’t edit the ugly parts to make it look better than it is. Honesty is always important. The better your photos are, the more likely it is for people to be attracted to them.

Tip 5: Screen your callers carefully

You can save both your time and energy by screening the calls before beginning a serious interaction with the buyers. Review the callers, and ask them the questions to figure out if they are genuinely interested in buying your car.

You won’t believe how many people will contact you when you list of your car for sale. Trust me, they are mostly people who want your car for almost free. Avoid them, and look for people who are genuinely interested in your car and want to talk further about the deal after seeing it.

Tip 6: Pay off your settlement figure

Before selling your car, inform the finance company and demand the “settlement figure” they will need to pay off your loan. Then pay off the settlement figure and other repayment or administration fees charged by the lender. The company will have your car registered on their databases when you take out the financial plan. This is important because sensible private buyers check these databases to make sure no finances are outstanding on the car.

Tip 7: Negotiate the price reasonably

Now that everything else is done and the buyer has decided to buy your car, it’s time to discuss the price. You know the worth of your car after a lot of research. So you should tell them the maximum price. If they agree to it, that’s all good. But if they don’t, it’s time for negotiation.

Since you have settled on a maximum and minimum value, you know the range you want to allow. Don’t tell them the lowest acceptable price immediately; go down step by step. If they ask for something lesser than the minimum you settled for, continue to negotiate calmly, with a set of reasonable logic. Convince them.

Tip 8: Be careful to ensure safe payment

The payment process has to be conducted with the utmost care because this is the point where most sellers get scammed or cheated on. There are two methods of payment —

Cash in hand: This is the safest mode of payment. Count the money at least two times before you hand the keys.

Online banking: If you do choose this method, keep possession of your car until all the funds have been transferred.

Tip 9: Do the essential paperwork

You and your buyer will have to do any necessary paperwork once the deal is confirmed. But the following two are especially important –

Purchase receipt: Prepare two copies of any receipt and get both parties to sign them. Include all the necessary details.

Change of ownership: Both the buyer and seller have to complete the transition of ownership paperwork. It’s possible to do it via the NZTA platform. Alternatively, the seller will fill out the MR13A form, which can be collected from NZTA agents such as AA WOF or AA centres research stations, and the buyer will fill out the MR13A form.

Tip 10: Sell to car wreckers

Not many sensible people will buy a junk or damaged car, ’cause it is of no use whatsoever. In this case, the best decision is to sell the car for cash to good and trustworthy car wreckers in Auckland like Xpress Auto Parts.

Car wreckers will pay you instantly after inspecting the car. If your car is completely unusable, it’s better to sell it to a car wrecker as soon as possible instead of getting it repaired. It is cost-effective and convenient.

Now that you know all the necessary tips, what’s stopping you from selling a car for cash? Don’t get scammed, be careful on every step, and you’ll be good to go!


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