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5 Mechanical Issues Not Worth Fixing

As a car ages, multiple components start to develop faults, your vehicle gets a lot of unwanted dents and scratches, and noises start coming out of every corner. And while you can still keep driving your car with such issues, if the faults are mechanical, you cannot ignore them for long.

You must repair your vehicle or look for replacement parts to keep it on the road. However, repairs are not cheap in NZ and mechanics cost a lot of money. On the other hand, replacement parts aren’t that cost-effective, especially if you are looking to buy several components at once.

So, what do you do when faced with such a situation? You sell your vehicle to car wreckers willing to give you the best deal for your car and take it off of you instantly. But, before you do that, check out these five mechanical issues that are not worth fixing, so you know exactly when it is time to say goodbye to your car.

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Engine Oil Leakage

The engine is often called the heart of a vehicle and without it working properly you cannot comfortably drive your car. The good thing, however, is that most issues and faults that develop in an engine are fixable. They are built to last, if maintained properly, and can often be very cheap to repair.

However, as time goes by and your car ages, things can start to go terribly wrong. One such issue, that can arise as a result of age, is a leaking engine.

If and when the oil starts leaking chances are that your engine is nearing the end of its life, or it has been battered so badly that it has lost its structural integrity. Your job is to catch where the leak is coming from and then attempt to plug that leak to save the engine. But that is not always possible, because engines are packed so tightly in the engine bay that searching for a leak, without taking some components out, is nearly impossible. This issue is, therefore, not worth fixing and a money pit, if you intend to put money on this project.

Worn-out Suspension

Suspension components probably take the most abuse as a result of driving and are therefore one of the first to break or fail.

5 Mechanical Issues Not Worth Fixing

You can imagine how tough it would be on parts that absorb the force of impacts regularly, get twisted, hammered and beaten down with dust and dirt. Suspension components are also the only vital car parts that are completely exposed to the elements. So, as a result of exposure to moisture, debris, dust, dirt, and mud, they are the first to fail.

If your car is jumping around when you go over bumps, steering is a bit difficult, and there are noises coming from underneath your vehicle, then there are high chances that it is the suspension that needs work.

But the issue here is that there are so many parts that join together to become what we call a car’s suspension that repairing them can be an uphill task. The mechanic would have to extract the troublesome part, check the surrounding components, repair or replace the component, and then put all the things back in their place. And doing all of that is understandably not cheap.

Steering Rack

The steering rack is also an important car part that isn’t worth fixing, especially if there are multiple issues with it. Why? Well, the answer is simple: the steering rack helps steer the vehicle when it needs to turn around corners. It also helps make evasive manoeuvres when there are sudden pedestrians on the road or if pots or bumps arrive in front. So, it gets pulled and tugged around quite a lot on a daily basis.

5 Mechanical Issues Not Worth Fixing

The hydraulic system can malfunction, the steering rack can break, or the hydraulic pump can go awry. There is lot that can go wrong, which is of course fixable but not worth the money you will spend on mechanics.

Seized Engine

We previously discussed how the engine is the heart of a vehicle. Imagine, if that heart stops working, what would happen? The car would come to a halt and the chances of it being revived and working again would go down considerably.

But, if the situation isn’t that bad and you are able to switch off the engine immediately, something could be done in terms of repair. However, repair costs in NZ are notoriously expensive and for an old car, it is not worth paying money to mechanics to have your car troubles solved.

After all, what’s the point of repairing a seized engine when you have to replace almost all of its internal parts? Wouldn’t you be better off buying a replacement or getting rid of your vehicle completely? The latter would be the wiser option since selling your old car now would result in more money than if you wait and sell it later.

Broken Transmission

If your vehicle comes to a halt with a huge noise emanating from under the car, chances are the transmission has broken down. The same can be said if your vehicle doesn’t go in gear, or if there is a terrible smell coming from around the gear lever.

5 Mechanical Issues Not Worth Fixing

This issue is a big one and there is probably no coming back from it except replacing the gearbox. But the question is, should you replace your car’s gearbox?

It’s not a bad option if you intend to keep your car for a longer period, but keep in mind that it would mean emptying your bank account. So, what’s the point of fixing your car when you can just sell it and never worry about it again?

Sell To Wreckers

If you find any of these five mechanical issues in your car, you should abandon performing any repairs or replacements. Instead, you should focus on selling your vehicle to the nearest car wrecker who is known to pay a good amount of cash for cars.

If you take this option, not only will you rid yourself of any worries, but you will get cash in hand for your old car almost immediately. The wreckers will even pick your car up from your location for free, so no exorbitant towing fees and none of the other hassles that come with selling your car. So, for a hassle-free experience, sell us your car today!


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