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Things To Avoid When Dealing With A Vehicle Removal Company

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Are you planning to sell your car to a vehicle removal company? In that case, you should avoid a few things. You want to avoid losing cash by dealing with the wrong one.

We’ve got you covered. In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 common mistakes customers make when selling their cars to car removal companies.

Before we dive deep into them. A reminder that we offer vehicle removal services to the Auckland region. If you want a good deal and free removal then contact us.

Not getting multiple quotes

This is one of the most common mistakes owners make while selling their old cars to a vehicle removal company. Each company will only give you one quote after determining the value of your vehicle. So you only get one option and don’t get a chance to determine if there’s a better option or not.

That’s why getting multiple quotes from multiple companies is important. Many people think that all companies will give you the same quotes. But that’s not true. Every company has its policies and factors of determination. Good and experienced companies offer better quotes than others.

So go to all the available local vehicle removal companies and get a free quote from each. You can either call them or just go online. After you get all the quotes, compare them and find out which one is the most profitable for you.

It’s a bit time-consuming, but it’s for the best. It reduces your chances of getting less cash in case the company you choose offers you the wrong quote. It also helps you get the best price for your junk car. Moreover, since you’re getting the quote for free, you’re not having any loss.

Licensed vehicle removal company

This is the first question that we have mentioned in our 10 Questions To Ask a Car Removal Company article. Because this is the most important factor of all! A licensed company is a good company without a doubt.

Only qualified and efficient companies, like us, get the license for their service. It allows them to legally practice their work without any risks. Moreover, a licensed company will almost never be a scammer company. They have earned the license by showing their honesty and efficiency.

So if you want your vehicle to be in good hands, you can only count on a licensed company. With such a company, you can remain assured that your car will be recycled properly. Not just properly, but also in the most environment-friendly way possible. Licensed companies are all legally instructed to ensure the recycling process is eco-friendly.


This is another mistake many people make when selling their precious automobiles—keeping a middleman. Some people choose a towing company to tow their vehicle and sell it to a vehicle removal company. Since broken vehicles can’t be driven, they think a towing truck is needed to take it to the yard.

Hiring a towing truck is unnecessary because most companies themselves tow the vehicle. Many people don’t believe that it’s a part of their service, but it actually is! This is what makes vehicle removal companies all the more worthy of buying your junk car.

It also costs more money because the tower will charge you for finding your car, towing it, and selling it. You have to focus on eliminating the middleman. If you simply call a vehicle removal company, they will come and get your car, and they won’t charge extra for it.

That’s why we encourage you to directly sell to the automobile removal company. You will only get more cash in your pocket, and you won’t be losing any. You will save more money in this way and find the maximum benefit out of selling your junk vehicle.

Instant payment

Get the payment as soon as practical from your vehicle removal company, as quickly as on the spot.

Those who are selling their old car for the first time commonly make this mistake. Needless to say, that’s why many people get scammed while selling their cars. Getting taken advantage of while selling a car you’ve had for a long time is truly painful, right?

So be careful! Some buyers will tell you that they will pay you after dismantling the vehicle and measuring the parts. They assured you that the payment will be done the next day or soon enough, and take away your vehicle without paying.

But actual vehicle removers don’t do that. They just inspect the vehicle for a while to get an idea of what parts are intact. This takes only a little while. Then they tell you the value and immediately pay you at the moment you sell it. The transaction is fast and simple, without any tendency of deliberate delay.

This means that you will get the money in your hand within a few hours after you make the call. Most importantly, you will get the money before your car is towed away, so no risk of scam. To learn more about the instant cash paid by car wreckers, you can check out this article.

Clean Your Vehicle

Some of you might think that this is common knowledge, but you will be surprised at how many people forget it. Over long periods of using a car, we end up keeping many personal belongings there. They can be in the glovebox, the seat pocket, or even be stuck under the mats.

If you don’t properly inspect the interior of your vehicle before selling it, you’ll be losing those items forever. Moreover, many people keep important papers in their vehicles and forget to take them out before selling them. So be careful in cleaning your car for anything like paycheck stubs and tax info.

Now that we’re done with personal items and important documents, let’s look into the other things you should remove. For example, if you have any customised accessories installed in your car, then remove those too. You can get additional money by selling those.

Another very important point is to remove your license plates from the car. Though you’re deregistering when selling your car, take the plates to an NZTA agent (AA or VTNZ). Leaving the plate leaves you open to liability.

In conclusion, as long as you remain aware of these matters, you’ll be good to go! If you’re searching for vehicle removal companies, then why not try out Xpress Auto Parts?


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