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Can I Sell My motorcycle to motorcycle wreckers?

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Motorcycles are also a form of transportation which makes them a common thing that people have. So what if you have an old motorcycle that you don’t know what to do with?

It is not the same as a car, but it still has spare parts, so will motorcycle wreckers accept it? Or does it need to be disposed of in some other way?

In this article, I will explain the whole thing. Before I do so, please know we are a car wrecker based out of Manurewa, Auckland offering car wrecking services to the Auckland region. So if you need parts or need car wrecking service we are your go-to team.

Are there Motorcycle wreckers?

The short answer is yes, there are motorcycle wreckers in New Zealand. The long answer is there are not many specialised motorcycle wreckers around.

So do the car wreckers in New Zealand accept motorcycles as well? Yes, in most cases, a motorcycle can also be scrapped. This is because a motorbike is part of automotive scrap and has a lot of parts that can be reused and recycled. Therefore, I say yes there are motorcycle wreckers.

Some more types of automotive scrap are cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, trailers, motorboats, and much more. This automotive scrap can be a lot of things outside of motorcycle bodies, as it can also be engines, wheels, exhausts, and wiring. So if you have a motorcycle that you don’t use anymore and it can’t be sold either because it’s nearly useless, then you should scrap it.

Not only will you be earning some money by selling its parts, but you can also help the environment and economy of the community that you live in. Scrapping a motorcycle is much less complicated if you have the proper scrapyard as they will do all the work and all you need to do is approve it.

How much money will you get for scrapping a motorcycle?

After you are sure that you can also scrap motorcycles, you must be wondering, but how much will I earn from this? Will it be worth the trouble?

In New Zealand, most car scrapyards offer free scrap vehicle removal, which can be very convenient as you won’t have to pay extra cash for this. However, some places take a small fee to remove your vehicle as well; the fee is usually around $80. If you find out that a place takes money to pick up the vehicle, you can simply drop it off yourself to avoid any extra charge.

Now, let’s come to the topic of how much will you earn through scrapping a motorcycle. The value of each bike changes significantly, as a scrapyard will give you money depending on reusable parts. Old vehicles usually have more metal than new ones, which are more lightweight and economical. So on average, you get anywhere from $100 to $1000 depending on the motorbike you own. Some factors that affect how much you get paid are:

  • Location: If the motorbike you own is a good distance away from the scrapyard, it will cost them more to move the vehicle, so you will get paid less as well; the greater the distance, the less you get paid. But, most of the scrapyards offer free pick up.
  • Picking up: Similarly, if you drop off your vehicle yourself, it will ultimately help you earn more money compared to them picking up the vehicle, regardless of the distance between you two.
  • Value: The present value of the motorcycle has a lot of impact on the cot as well. If the motorcycle you are scrapping is in relatively good condition, you get paid more.
  • Type of metal: The price of scrap metal changes depending on the metal, so of course, this affects the money.
  • Type of motorcycle: The model and make of your motorcycle affect the amount of scrap metal and parts that are in demand at the time of sale.
  • Year of manufacture: Again it depends on the demand. If you have a 2010 Kawasaki and it is in demand, you will get more money.

When should you scrap your motorcycle?

First of all, you need to decide whether it is time to scrap your motorcycle or not. There are some ways you can decide this, but ultimately it depends on what you want to do.

  • If the WoF of your motorbike has failed, it can be illegal to ride it. Therefore, it is best to scrap it instead of throwing it away. Scrapping has more advantages than throwing a vehicle away, anyway.
  • Other safety issues can also mean that it is time for you to dispose of the current motorcycle that you have. It can have a mechanical problem or is irreversibly damaged; then, you should scrap it. Driving such a vehicle can be a danger to you and other people on the road.
  • It is in a way too bad condition to be sold, so all it does is sit in your garage. A bike like this will only take up valuable space that can be used for other things. So what is the best way to deal with such a vehicle? Of course, scrap it.

These things are relevant for motorcycles and other types of bikes, such as quad bikes, mobility scooters, mopeds, and electric scooters. If this wasn’t enough, you could even scrap golf carts, lawnmowers, and tractors when you don’t have any other use for them. Scrapping helps reduce the carbon footprint, and disposal of liquids is also done in an environmentally friendly way. So it is a win-win situation; you can get rid of your junk and also help the environment.

In conclusion, if you think your bike is ready to be scrapped, make sure to find a good scrap yard so you can get the proper value for it. Even certain scrapyards specialise in motorcycle scrapping, which you can visit if you don’t trust the car scrapyards.


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