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10 Questions you should ask about a Car Removal Company

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Are you considering selling your old car to a car removal company in Auckland? Then you must learn how to differentiate between a good company and an “other” company.

Finding good car removal companies is already a difficult job. On top of that, there are risks of getting scammed in the process. Because some so-called car removal companies buy an old car with less price and sell it to someone else at a higher price.

No one wants to get scammed, right? The best way to ensure you don’t become a victim is to ask some specific questions. Good companies will answer these questions well, but “some” companies won’t. That’s why in this article we have compiled 10 questions you should ask about the car removal company.

Remember, most of this information can be found on the internet if you are an introvert like me.

1. Is the company registered and licensed?

This is the first and most important question that you should ask about a car removal company. A car removal company should have a full license and should be certified to carry out the service. Now, if they are established with a famous brand and have physical yards then they are registered and licensed.

Also, only established companies will be capable enough to take necessary care of your car and ensure the proper disposal of all the non-recyclable parts and harmful fluids of your car in an environment-friendly way.

So in the sector of car removal, this is the most important qualification. If “the company” cannot prove that they are legit and have not invested in a wrecking yard then you are probably dealing with a middleman or someone dodgy.

2. Are they insured?

Usually, all car removal companies are required to have insurance before they can secure a license for operation. So this is a question you should ask to ensure whether the company is genuine or not.

Moreover, this will confirm that the company you’re dealing with is reputable and will be ready if any accidents or mistakes occur. This also ensures that company is a responsible company when it comes to the health and safety of everyone around them.

3. Are they reputable?

Going through client testimonials is a good way to understand whether the car removal company pays the proper rate. You can also figure out whether they are trustworthy or not.

Good companies always have reviews, good and bad, on the internet. The reviews can be a good indication of how well they deal with their customers and most of all, how well they’ll treat you as a customer.

If you can find reviews online, that is already a good sign, because that means they have been doing actual business. If you can’t find reviews or the company online – they may not be what they are saying.

4. Why should I choose you for my car removal?

There are plenty of companies that are engaged in car removal, and scrap car removal in Auckland. Therefore, the competition is strong and every company tries to make itself stand out in some way. They do so either with their exceptional customer service, admirably skilled workers, or better rates.

So there are many options in the market, but you can choose only one for your old car. That’s why every good company should be able to give you a solid reason as to why you should select their company out of the several options.

If the reason seems confident enough instead of mere bluffing, you will know your car is in safe hands. If they can give you details about their company, then even better.

5. Have they been around for long?

New businesses come into being for a reason – the old businesses don’t do a good job. The duration of the business doesn’t really matter as long as they have been doing good business and customers are happy.

You don’t want your car in the hands of inexperienced individuals who probably have less knowledge of how to dispose of it responsibly.

So you should ask yourself about the car removal company, how long and how good they have been in business. A good company, regardless of the duration they have been in business, have a good track record.

6. Can they recycle responsibly?

There are many tools, processes and systems that car wrecker companies need. They have to dismantle the car and do all the other necessary procedures of vehicle recycling. These tools, processes and systems are as important to them as food. They define them as car wreckers.

So asking yourself whether they have all the required tools and equipment to do the job is important. It will ensure that your car will indeed be sent for recycling, and not be sold for a higher price.

If you like pick up the phone and ring them. They are always more than willing to aid every doubt and question of their customers. It’s a sign of good customer service. That way you will know they’re dedicated and good recyclers.

7. How much is the value of my car?

This is something you should ask from the car removal company. Ring them up and give them your car details and ask for an offer.

You can find an estimated value of your car from the evaluation tools online. Those tools don’t take the amount of damage in your car into account, so depending on that the value will decline.

So you can eventually form an idea of how much your car is worth for scrapping. Suppose the money the car removal company offers you is far too less than the estimated price. That means it might not be the accurate value of your car.

8. How does the process of scrapping a car work?

By asking this question, you will not only be able to test out the company’s knowledge on the topic but also feel more assurance about how safe the process of scrapping a car is. Some middlemen buy cars to sell them, not recycle them, so they won’t have enough detailed knowledge of it.

So you can understand whether the company is genuine or not. You can gain some knowledge about the process from this article. That way you will understand if they’re just making stuff up. Or if their knowledge is wrong.

9. Do you offer free pick-up?

By “free pick up”, we mean that the company should deploy some people to arrive at the car’s location themselves. They shall also transport the car to their salvage yard without needing any involvement of the customer. They should not charge the customer for this service either.

Any good car removal company will offer a free pick up as it is a part of their service.

10. Do you offer on-the-spot payment?

Usually, the payment stage is when someone gets badly scammed, so it’s important to remain careful during it. A good car removal company will ensure the safest mode of payment, which is on-spot cash payment conducted by hand or online banking.

The usual working process of a car removal company is that you call them to let them know the location of your car, they will come and inspect the car, they will tell you the value of the car, and if you agree they will pay you the money immediately before taking your car away.

But if the company you’re considering does not promise on-spot payment, then that’s a red flag for sure. They will promise to pay later, but the money will never arrive. So make sure to ask this question to them.

Now you know what you should ask or talk about with the car removal company before you decide to sell your old car to them. If you want to sell your old car to a trustworthy car removal company in Auckland, you can always try us. Get a Quote Now. Or need parts? See our Parts Catalog


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