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How Much Cash Do You Get For Scrapping Your Car? (6 Factors)

how much do you get for scrapping a car

Scrapping your car is easy and getting your car scrapped in Auckland is even easier with numerous car scrapping companies spread all across New Zealand and especially Auckland but getting your car scrapped at the best price may not be very easy.

How much will you get for scrapping your car depends on a few factors. Though getting the right price for scrapping your car can be difficult it can be made easy if you follow a simple process of car evaluation.

Know Its Worth Before Scrapping Your Car

Before you decide to give away your car to any car wrecking company, you need to know the exact worth of the car.

First, the price tag of the scrappy car depends on the market value of the used car of the same version. Here, by a used car, it is assumed that it will be in good functional condition. In addition to this, certain factors will help determine the value of your scrappy car. They are:

know the worth before scrapping your car

Location Of Your Car You Scrapping

If you are away from the car wrecking company then it will cost them more to remove your car which means there will be a lot of deduction from your total price and hence, you will be getting less money for your car.

Condition of Your Car

If your car has some useful parts then you will get more for scrapping your car. However, if it is just a skeleton then chances are you will get almost to nothing for it.

Make Of Your Car

Now make is important as well. For example, there is much more demand for Japanese and European makes than American makes in New Zealand. When people start driving more American cars the prices will go high. It is as simple as ‘demand and supply’. If you do have a car make that is rare to find here then you are in bad luck when it comes to selling to car wreckers.

Model Of Your Car

Some models are much more in demand than others. For instance, if you own a model, such as a Corolla, you will get more because there are a few of them on our road. They do need replacement parts now and then which makes them a good buy for car wreckers.

Year Of Manufacture

This one is obvious as people like new and flashy things. You are probably scrapping your car to buy a late model. This is the case with wreckers as well. The newer the higher the cash.

Price Of Scrap Metal

Now this plays a significant role as well when you are scrapping your car. Once the car wreckers have taken out all the useful components of your car they will sell it to scrap metal companies. If there is more demand for scrap metal there will be a rise in cash you get for scrapping your car.

Despite some known factors that determine the end price of the car, it is unfortunately never easy to come up with an exact value of the car unless you take help from a professional wrecker who can best help you determine a final price for your car.

In recent years, prices of scrapping cars have increased due to strict environmental protection and regulations. At present, prices of scrapping your car in New Zealand range from $100 to $10,000 depending on various factors (mentioned above). With a few additional valuable parts, the price may increase up to $12,000.

Moreover, to avoid getting less than the actual worth of your car, there are simple rules that need to be followed. They include:

  • The more you wait to get rid of the old car, the lesser in value it gets.
  • Demand for more if the car is still drivable
  • Negotiate the price
  • Do your research before scrapping your car. We have some tips on how to find the best car wreckers in Auckland.

Apart from the above mentioned factors, contacting the right company also affects the total worth of your car. Many car wrecker companies offer you better services and the final price for your scrappy car. Free car removal by the company is always a plus and saves the extra deduction from your final payment.

We offer brilliant Cash For Cars Auckland service. When you visit us, it can be seen that we provide hassle-free convenient services that are client-friendly in addition to the top cash for your old car.


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