Broken Car Collection Auckland

If you own a car that barely works, it’s high time you got rid of it. To do so, contact a broken car collection Auckland specialist.

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Broken Car Collection Auckland

Clear Up Your Drive Way

There’s no point in holding back onto a depreciating asset that has been around for a long time. Does that sound like a big hassle? Figuring out who to contact, and thinking how much it would cost? Contemplating whether the company you have contacted is reliable or not? Look no further. At Xpress Auto Parts, we are specialists in broken car collection Auckland.

Get your old and unwanted vehicle removed from your property without any tedious interactions with multiple car removal companies. If you contact Xpress Auto Parts, you will have your broken car hauled away for free. More so, you will earn top dollar for your trouble as well. If you want to learn more about this, visit our website and talk to our experts.

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Broken Car Collection Auckland

Hassle-Free Service

With Xpress Auto Parts, you get a complete range of services. Being number one in Auckland, we have ample experience. We offer car fixing and car hauling and removal services and spare parts. Over the years, Xpress Auto Parts has built its name in the industry as one of the most reliable broken car collection Auckland specialists.

broken car collection auckland
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Our team of professionals is trained well to handle the hauling and moving of any type of vehicle, whether it’s a car, truck, or 4×4. We are just a phone call away at any time of the day, ready to pick up your broken or unwanted vehicle, from anywhere in Auckland. And the best part is, you can get a cash price for your broken, used car.
A car that has been in a bad accident and is broken badly is also unsellable. So if the owner decides against getting the car repaired, he or she would have absolute scrap on their hands, scrap that will just take up unnecessary space in the driveway. Our experts will get back to you with the perfect price for your vehicle. Have your driveway cleared up today.

Broken car collection Auckland

An old car becomes a money pit after a few years. All it seems to be doing is costing the owner more and more money in terms of repairs and warrants of fitness. It becomes even more troublesome if the car encounters a road accident that leaves it totaled or destroyed. Now the owner has a choice to either have the car repaired and pay a hefty amount, which may even be more than the total value of the car, or get rid of it.

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Xpress Auto Parts

Easiest Way to Have Broken Car Collected

With companies like Xpress Auto Parts, owners of broken cars can earn instant cash for the scrap and also have it removed without any problems or payment. We at Xpress Auto Parts are not only the buyers of your car but also provide the removal service. You get both services under one roof. It is the easiest way to have your broken or unwanted car hauled away for free.
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unloading broken car

We give you the option to have a detailed discussion with our expert professionals to strike the best possible deal for your car. Once the deal is done, you can just sit back and relax while the professionals arrive at your doorstep, pay you in hard cash, and haul away your broken car, for free.

Customers reviews

Good variety of stock. Friendly down-to-earth staff . Reasonably priced parts unlike some other wreckers think they are running dealership.
Pretty good service. As the part was urgent was allowed to grab part myself because I'm.a mechanic. Happy to use them again.
Nice Shop, good prices and friendly owner on the office!! I got the things i need very quick, every thing was fine !!

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You can rely on our Car Wreckers Auckland region service to give you the best price for your unwanted vehicle. Your old asset is our treasure, and we pay you top dollar for it! Over the years, we have built our clientele by providing the best and most convenient service. Request a quote now.